The Light Seesaw Moments

About The Light Seesaw

As you go up and down on this illuminated and seesaw of infinite cosmic power, ignite sounds and lights and anticipate your opponent’s reaction. As you feel the pull of gravity and adjust your position, are you developing a deeper understanding of your adversary? Light and shadows are but joys and sorrow; once you have been through life’s ups and downs, you might realise the best views are those shared ‘together’.

Remarks: Due to COVID-19, the artwork will be showcased online only

Artist Statement

‘A revitalisation of a classic play experience for a new era, The Light Seesaw attracts audiences of all ages with its exploration of physics and other elemental forces with the help of a revamped traditional childhood seesaw. Equipped with a physics engine, the seesaw’s rows of light set along the length of the seesaw respond to the riders’ movements as they tilt up and down through the air.’ — ENESS

About the artist

ENESS | Australia

A multimedia design studio works at the intersection of art and technology, and combines disciplines such as lighting, software, interaction design, product design, sculpture and architecture, to generate outcomes which are often unique and unexpected.

(The photo shows the Founder and Creative Director of ENESS, Nimrod Weis)

The "park" is just around the corner

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