Six-Swing Donut
Six-Swing Donut

Six-Swing Donut Moments

About Six-Swing Donut

Let’s fly!

Suspended in a common space, six strangers sitting on six different swings are united yet separated for a transient moment.

Swinging at different angles towards a common middle, tour unique identity and personal stories are instantly reflected in the modulation of sounds and swaying of lights triggered by your shared humanity.

Remarks: Due to COVID-19, the artwork will be showcased online only

Artist Statement

Six-Swing Donut echoes the symbiotic relationship between humans using sound and light. Nested against the bustling backdrop of Hong Kong’s business district, this hexagon of swings invites urbanites and people from all walks of life to come engage and play with the structure. As the Donut captures the motion of its riders, the feelings of each person are transmitted through the rhythm of their body and converted into new beats that are instantaneously rebroadcasted to the audience. An urban symphony of light and sound is thus composed and performed live when six people ride on the swings. The intriguing shape of the hexagonal Donut entices people to step out of their daily routine and jump on the swings to rekindle lost childhood memories.’ — Wyan YEUNG Li-shung

About the artist

About Wyan YEUNG Li-shung | Hong Kong

Cross-disciplinary creative and architect

Cross-disciplinary creative, Architect & Design Educator, Wyan received a Master of Arts and Master of Architecture from Central Saint Martins, UK and The University of Hong Kong respectively. He is currently a partner of A&B Architecture and the principal of Studio MEHH in Hong Kong.

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