Happy Cloud Moments

About Happy Cloud

Happiness Hero’s most famous work Happy Cloud is finally landing in Hong Kong! Expect lots of surprises and happy faces as giant bubbles shaped like happy faces full the sky. Make a wish to have your dream come true if you see one!



Happy Cloud is coming to the sky over Hong Kong Arts Centre / Wan Chai between 11 and 31 January 2021 (1pm-8pm). Do make a wish when you are lucky enough to see one.

Artist Statement

‘I enjoy the way the symbol of the smiley combined with the ethereal nature of the materiality of the piece seems to speak directly to emotions. I have a strong belief that art is neither an object nor an activity, but something that happens in an audience when they interact with something an artist has authored. As such I aim to create scenarios and spaces where that experience, or art can happen. I really hope that somehow the work stands as a symbol of connectedness, unity and happiness. It is a true honour to be able to share it with you in Hong Kong.’ — Stuart SEMPLE

About the artist

About Stuart SEMPLE | United Kingdom

Multidisciplinary Artist

One of the UK’s leading post Young British Artists, Semple is perhaps best known for his Happy Cloud performance at Tate Modern. He subsequently presented this performance in Moscow, Manchester, Milan, Australia, Denver & Dublin.

The 'park' is just around the corner

During the pandemic, we all wash our hands more frequently, but have we noticed the foam that forms when we are washing our hands? Alright! Let’s play a mindfulness game with the instructor and interact with foam and bubbles. Are you ready?