The “park" is just around the corner

Sometimes, maybe due to the epidemic, the unexpected weather, or various expected or accidental reasons, not everyone has the opportunity to experience the art installations.

Nonetheless, through our senses and imagination, we can experience and travel with our eyes, ears, nose, body, and even our imagination. We can even create our own playground.

Playground is where the heart is.

Audio guide warm-up

We can start with a simple activity. Do you usually pay attention to your breathing? Let’s do a breathing exercise with the instructor.

Happy Cloud in the sink

During the pandemic, we all wash our hands more frequently, but have we noticed the foam that forms when we are washing our hands? Let’s play a mindfulness game with the instructor and interact with foam and bubbles. Are you ready?

Six-Swing Donut Everywhere

When was the last time you sat down and spent time with yourself? Why don’t you take a few minutes and invite your friends or family members to sit together with you. It’s even better if you form a circle.

Our own Light Seesaw

During the pandemic, people might feel so bored as they have to stay at home all day long. Let’s play a game that can be played at home. When you are ready, follow along with the instructor.