Our own Light Seesaw
Single leg + tissue = balance
Playground is Where the Heart Is

Your own Light Seesaw

The Light Seesaw by ENESS, multimedia design studio from Australia, combines art and technology. ENESS takes the classic playground feature seesaw and incorporates it with interactive and multimedia elements. In addition to tilting up and down, participants can also experience the ups and downs of life with the prompts from the light, and in the process show mutual support to one another.

ENESS specialises in artworks that merge art with technology; combining various lighting and interactive design elements to create fascinating works. Its creations have been exhibited in contemporary art galleries and on city streets all over the world.

During the pandemic, people might feel so bored as they have to stay at home all day long. Let’s play a game that can be played at home. When you are ready, follow along with the instructor.

First of all, prepare a pack of tissue and hold it in your hand, and plant your feet firmly on the ground, and feel their contact with the ground. Keep breathing naturally. After a few breaths, move the centre of gravity to one foot and lift the other one. Now you are standing one-legged on the ground. Try to keep your balance. Has your breathing changed? Has it become quicker, or slower? Has any part of your body tensed up?

After getting a good balance, place the pack of tissue on top of your head, and try to keep it in place. It may be helpful if you stretch your arms out parallel to the ground and pay attention to your body’s adjustments as it tries to maintain balance. Are your legs wobbly? How is your breathing? Are there any thoughts or emotions in your head? Just be aware of your thoughts or emotions, there is no need to change them. Pay attention to your body and breathe again.

Congratulations, you have completed this exercise. You can now put your foot back on the ground. So, both feet are on the ground. If the tissue is still on top of your head, you can take it down. Balancing practice can be a good way to take your mind off emotional imbalance. During this game, what feelings did you experience in your body and mind? Did you notice any changes in the process?

Mindfulness is an invitation to pay attention to the present, to be aware of one’s immediate feelings. It is a chance to learn to get along with oneself. Practicing mindfulness consistently over time can help relax the body and mind, and contribute to self-understanding… When life is particularly stressful, you may wish to take a break and bring your attention to the present moment. We hope Jockey Club Pop-up Art Park, which aims to encourage everyone to pay more attention to emotions and mental wellness, brings you new experiences in art and play. Take good care of yourselves and then take good care of the people around you.