Happy Cloud in the sink
Happiness in the sink
Playground is Where the Heart Is

Happy Cloud in the sink

Happy Cloud, created by Stuart Semple from the United Kingdom, is about hope. Do you feel hopeless these days? Or do you feel more hopeful?

Have you noticed that there are floating foam clouds in the sky? Do you see anything special about these clouds? That’s right, they are smiling at you. These smiling foam clouds symbolise happiness and encourage us to live in the present and pursue our dreams. Stuart Semple concerns about the relationship between mental health and the arts, and has been engaging in various art projects relating to the topic. Honoured as ‘Happiness Hero’ of the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness, he is also an ambassador for Mind, the British mental health charity.

Alright! Let’s play a mindfulness game with the instructor and interact with foam and bubbles. Are you ready?

During the pandemic, we all wash our hands more frequently, but have we noticed the foam that forms when we are washing our hands? So, let’s go to the sink. You can look at yourself in the mirror if there is one.

When you are ready, turn on the tap and wet your hands. Do you feel the water flowing through your palms? Is the water temperature hot or cold? Now turn it off and squirt some soap onto your hands, and rub your hands with soap. Do you smell the scent of the soap? What does it smell like?

Rub your hands together, and pay attention to the sensation of your hands touching against each other and the texture of the soap. Now lather until foam forms and let it cover your palms, the back of your hands, the space between your fingers and even your wrists. How much lather can you make? What does the foam feel like? Is it soft like marshmallow covering your hands? Or is there not much foam?

Finally, turn on the tap and let the water wash away the foam on your hands. How does it feel like? Do you feel that the bacteria and viruses on your hands are washed away along with the foam?

Mindfulness is an invitation to pay attention to the present, to be aware of one’s immediate feelings. It is a chance to learn to get along with oneself. Practicing mindfulness consistently over time can help relax the body and mind, and contribute to self-understanding… When life is particularly stressful, you may wish to take a break and bring your attention to the present moment. We hope Jockey Club Pop-up Art Park, which aims to encourage everyone to pay more attention to emotions and mental wellness, brings you new experiences in art and play. Take good care of yourselves and then take good care of the people around you.