Playground the Legend | Tom TO

Outdoor playgrounds for children first appeared in Hong Kong in the late 1920s, bringing countless fond childhood memories to generations. As online and virtual games bring new surprises each passing day, classic playground facilities such as swings and rocking boards appear even more exciting to kids today, who are often glued to their screens……

What kinds of ‘playground’ we would like to pass to the next generation? In what way ‘playground’ works in our hearts and senses? Tom TO, drummer from the local band Mr. and founder of MRJ Music Education, will be with us to uncover the ageless legend of playgrounds together with music notes and rhythms.

Date︰2021.04.16 (Fri)
Channel︰Facebook Live
Guest︰Tom To (Drummer of Mr. & Founder of MRJ Music Education)
(To be conducted in Cantonese)

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this event are those of the speaker(s)/guest(s).


About Tom TO

Tom TO ︳Drummer of ‘Mr.’ & Founder of ‘MRJ Music Education’

Tom has produced and recorded gold records with many senior musicians, breaking sales records. He has also performed in large-scale music performances including four concerts in Hong Kong Coliseum and world-class concert tours. Furthermore, he has traveled around to hold concerts and perform, for instance, in the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan.

Tom pursued further studies in prestigious music institution. He believes that the soul of education is not only to impart academic knowledge, it is also about enabling students to reacquaint themselves and nurture spiritual growth through music. Only by imbuing music with feelings can enrich musical layers. He founded ‘MRJ Music Education’ and has gathered tutors and senior musicians with similar teaching philosophy. Through passing on music with innovative and effect methods, he hopes to nurture students who genuinely love and enjoy music.