Touring across the Virtual and the Reality
'There is a connection between the soul and the body. When the body moves, the soul will respond accordingly, and vice versa.' - Ryan

Touring across the Virtual and the Reality

Interacting with the four featured art pieces, dancer Rhyn CHEUNG uses his body to lead audience into a virtual-physical journey into the heart of Jockey Club Pop-up Art Park.

Rhyn will also conduct an online session of mindfulness stretching exercises, demonstrating how we all have the power to live slower and build our own playground in our bodies and minds. Together with performer Chester WONG, they will explore the relationship between body movement, play and mental wellness.


Date: 2021.02.09(Tue)
Time: 7:30pm
Moderator: Chester WONG
(To be conducted in Cantonese)

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this event are those of the speaker(s)/guest(s).

About Rhyn Cheung

Rhyn Cheung, a performing artist proficient in multiple dance styles such as pole dance and contemporary dance. He especially focuses on the research and performance on acrobatic art by flexibly using his dance skills, movement theory and three-dimensional space to realise his artistic concepts. He has been participating in various international competitions and has won the second place in the French Pole Dance Competition.

In addition, he engages in the choreography of various international and local aerial ribbon dances, performances and films. He also taught classes in the US, Israel, South Korea, Japan, and mainland China. Rhyn is recently forming a community with the local trapeze to explore new possibilities of acrobatic art through experimental practice.

About Chester Wong

Chester Wong graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, where he received his BFA in Drama, majoring in Acting. From 2008 to 2011, he was a full-time actor with Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and Atelier Theatre Hong Kong.

In addition to acting, he has been actively exploring the possibilities of the human body and composing music for theatre. He is currently a freelance performer and teaches Stage Movement at Radix Troupe.

Chester won the 22th Hong Kong Drama Awards-Best Original Music by the Le Grand Cahier of the Nonsense Makers. He has also been nominated in the following awards:

  • Hong Kong Drama Awards-Best Original Music (SEVEN)
  • Hong Kong Drama Awards-The Best Support Male Actor (A Flea in Her Ear)
  • The 3rd Hong Kong Theatre Libre Best Actor (Carbaret 2011)
  • TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards-The Best Actor of the Year (Kowloon Motor Bus’s TV commercial)