March >> ENESS (Australia)

ENESS is at the forefront of actively creating artworks that also stimulate powerful, positive emotions like joy, delight, happiness and well-being — needed all the more during these times of worldwide upheaval.

Anton Van Kaathoven (see photo on the left) will digitally transcend borders for an online conversation with Hong Kong audience. Join this intimate chit-chat for a carefree venture into the playground of the heart as he shares his views on art, creativity, experiences and stories.

Date: 2021.3.27 (Sat)
Time: 6pm (HKT)
Channel: Facebook live 
(To be mainly conducted in English)

*Update: The talk will be hosted by Anton Van Kaathoven, Business Development Manager of ENESS, as Nimrod is currently engaged in another project and now working in a remote area.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this event are those of the speaker(s)/guest(s).

About Nimrod Weis

Part sculptor, part technologist dreamer, artist and designer, Nimrod Weis is one of the co-founders and Creative Director of ENESS, a multidisciplinary design studio founded in 1997 and dedicated to exploring the intersection between the virtual and the physical world via its unique brand of interactive public art installations worldwide.

Nimrod is passionate about a future of cities filled with new experiences designed to bind us as art and technology bring us closer together. Nimrod delves into the deeper potential of interactivity to elicit emotional responses from his audience. Rebelliously playful and accessible, he invites viewers to get closer and experience the unexpected by taking art out of the exhibition hall and into public spaces where people of all ages and backgrounds are free to explore his works.

About Anton Van Kaathoven

Business Development Manager of ENESS. Anton is a senior commercial relationship manager with extensive experience in delivering successful, high value projects in architecture and interior design.