The ‘park’ is just around the corner.

A park or playground is not only a public space that provides playing facilities,
but is also a kaleidoscope of childhood memories and is an oasis for our minds and souls.
It is safe, comfortable, yet full of unknown and surprises.

In times of uncertainties, let us search for our own park in the heart.
Keeping a ‘the park is just around the corner’ spirit is crucial to enhance our physical and mental resistance to the pandemic.
Regardless of what happens, we all have a park in our heart.

Go Wander

Unlike what you can find in a traditional playground, our ‘toys’ are the product of artists’ imagination. Feel free to invent your own adventure.

  • The work of Happiness Hero Stuart SEMPLE ‘Happy Cloud’ comes to Hong Kong for the first time! Happy faces will spread love, dreams and happiness!
  • Using custom-built technology that senses vibration, Jen LEWIN’S ‘Aqueous’ changes our perception of space, opening our imaginations.
  • Wyan YEUNG Li-shung’s ‘Six-swing Donut’ manipulates the height and speed of the swing with sound effects to capture our flowing mood.
  • Fusing smart lights with the physical forces at play in the classic playground ride, ‘The Light Seesaw’ by ENESS has the power to connect everyone no matter how far away.

By pairing each set of work of art with keywords – #Wishing, #Reflection & #Connection, #Balance , as well as #Co-play & #Sharing, let us explore the symbiotic relationship between art, play and mind in a quest for further interpretation.