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There is a myriad ways to present, interrupt and understand a person, a story, an artwork or an exhibition. For an in-depth exploration of the Park, artworks, artists, stories behind this event, as well as our city, our times and ourselves, join us.

Live Chats with the Artists

The four participating artists from different parts of the world will engage in online conversations with Hong Kong audience. Join these intimate chit-chats for a carefree venture into the playground of the heart as they share and exchange their views on art, creativity, experiences and stories with the audience.

Playground the Legend | Tom TO

Outdoor playgrounds for children first appeared in Hong Kong in the late 1920s, bringing countless fond childhood memories to generations. As online and virtual games bring new surprises each passing day, classic playground facilities such as swings and rocking boards appear even more exciting to kids today, who are often glued to their screens……

What kinds of ‘playground’ we would like to pass to the next generation? In what way ‘playground’ works in our hearts and senses? Tom TO, drummer from the local band ‘Mr.’ and founder of ‘MRJ Music Education’, will be with us to uncover the ageless legend of playgrounds together with music notes and rhythms.

Date: 2021.04.16 (Fri)
Time: 1pm
Channel: Facebook Live
Guest: Tom TO (Drummer of Mr. & Founder of MRJ Music Education)
(To be conducted in Cantonese)

Artwalkers– Artists-in-Pandemic | Uncle Salt x Ian LEUNG

The pandemic, since the end of 2019, forced many museums, art galleries, theatres, exhibitions and performance venues to temporarily shut down. The overwhelming majority of pre-planned arts programmes are either stuck in limbo or compelled to make drastic changes, like Jockey Club Pop-Up Art Park did by shifting to online. In these uncertain times, how can the creatives cope with all the unexpected changes?

Taking Jockey Club Pop-up Art Park as a case study, together with Ian LEUNG – Programme Manager of Hong Kong Arts Centre, Uncle Salt (YEUNG Chun-yin) – ‘Philosophy Night’ TV Programme Host, Co-founder of Corrupt The Youth will explore how the creatives cope with the unexpected changes practically and mentally with creativity from a philosophical perspective.

Date: 2021.04.01 (Thu)
Time: 7:30pm
Channel: facebook live
Speakers: Uncle Salt and Ian LEUNG

Touring across the Virtual and the Reality ︳Rhyn CHEUNG x Chester WONG

Interacting with the four featured art pieces, dancer Rhyn CHEUNG uses his body to lead audience into a virtual-physical journey into the heart of Jockey Club Pop-up Art Park.

Rhyn will also conduct an online session of mindfulness stretching exercises, demonstrating how we all have the power to live slower and build our own playground in our bodies and minds. Together with performer Chester WONG, they will explore the relationship between body movement, play and mental wellness.

Date: 2021.02.09 (Tue)
Time: 7:30pm
Channel: facebook live
Moderator: Chester WONG


The Way We Are (CRHK)

Thanks for the invitation from radio programme ‘The Way We Are’ – CRHK (28.02.2021). Connie Lam, Executive Director of Hong Kong Arts Centre and chief curator of Jockey Club Pop-up Art Park, introduced the curatorial concepts and highlights of the project. At the same time, one of our collaborators – Moving Playground shared their insights and experience of hosting the online play sessions~